Biography vs. Fiction

NameIsBryan_CVR_LRGWith the recent release of My Name is Bryan a few people have asked why I chose to write the story as Fiction (based on a true story) rather than a Biography. There are many reasons, but first lets look at the difference between the two categories.

Biographies state facts. They contain a list of events that happened in a person’s life. Biographies are usually about famous people and readers buy them to learn more about their favorite actor, president, singer, etc. The general public is not typically interested in learning about the life of an unknown person.

Fiction tells stories. Fiction contains emotions and guides the reader through a story, as if they are living it. Fiction can be read and related to anyone, regardless of their previous knowledge about the character.

Pretend with me for a minute that you are watching the discovery channel. You watch as a stampede of wildebeests trample over a lion, killing him. You think “Wow that sucks. That was kinda gruesome.” Then you change the station, go about your day, and the program is soon forgotten. Now pretend you are sitting in a movie theater watching The Lion King for the first time. You watch in horror as Mufasa claws his way through the stampede to save his only son. Once Simba is finally safe, Mufasa once again gets yanked back into the crowd. He finally leaps onto the cliff edge for rescue and his brother tosses him to his death. If you have a soul, you then bawl as you watch Simba nudge his dad’s lifeless body, whispering his name in agony.

The Discovery Channel is like a Biography. It is very interesting and informative and there is absolutely a place for it. The Lion King is Fiction. It takes you on an emotional journey as you watch Simba’s life unfold.

Biographies give you facts about a person’s life. I don’t just want to tell you about Bryan’s life. I want you to take the journey yourself, witness his obstacles, and feel the emotions behind his joys and his sorrows. I want Bryan’s story to become a part of you. Something to take with you and learn from as you live your own life. I don’t just want to tell a story, I want you to feel it.